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The go-to morning or afternoon tea snack for Argentina and many South American countries, alfajores come in the widest of ranges. 

They consist of two chocolate or corn starch cakes, joined together by a thick layer of rich 'dulce de leche' and either coated with white, milk or dark chocolate, or simply decorated with desiccated coconut. 


Dulce de leche is to South Americans what peanut butter, Vegemite or butter are to other countries: we spread it on everything! 


 Dulce de Leche is a milk caramel spread. Use it in baking, on your morning toast, in desserts, or eat it right out of the jar when you need something sweet.

This thick, creamy caramel spread will delight you every time. 


Yerba Mate is South America's favourite infusion. 

Rather than in a cup though, it is prepared in a gourd and sipped with a metal straw.

In a way it works like an inverted tea: two thirds of the gourd are filled with 'yerba mate' herbs and hot water is poured in small amounts, once per drinker. 

Mates 'go around' so everyone drinking can enjoy them hot and tasty, and the gourd and straw are shared.


The ultimate Argentinian delicacy: A chocolate cake base topped with a swirl of thick 'dulce de leche', coated with white or milk chocolate. 

An easy, delicate dessert or an indulgent snack - you don't even need an excuse; they're just irresistible. 

Guarda Pampa_1600x100.jpg